Tumor IMmune Estimation Resource


Tcr/Bcr Repertoire Utilities for Solid Tumor/Tissue


Tumor IMmune Estimation Resource


Lab news:

Mar 20th, 2020: Our cancer-associated TCR paper is finally published in Science Translational MedicineDe novo prediction of cancer-associated TCRs for non-invasive cancer detection.

Feb 3th, 2020: Our TCR paper is finally online at Clinical Cancer Research:


Aug 26th, 2019: Dr. Li is invited to present at Otto Warburg International Summer School and Research Symposium on Cell-Type Heterogeneity and Single-Cell Analysis at Shanghai, China!

Jul 15th, 2019: Welcome our new computational postdoc: Xuexin Yu!

Apr 7th, 2019: Dr. Li was invited for a interview at the SCCC for his work presented at AACR.

Feb 26th, 2019: Our BCR paper is highlighted on the ACIR weekly digest. Check it out!

Feb 13th, 2019: Our BCR paper is finally online at Nature Genetics


Feb 08th, 2019: Hongyi is invited to give an oral presentation at AACR annual meeting 2019!

Jan 19th, 2019: Dr. Li is invited to present in a Major Symposium at AACR annual meeting 2019!

Dec 14th, 2018: Dr. Li is invited to give a talk at Chinese Biology Investigator Society biannual conference at Shenzhen, China!

Nov 20th, 2018: Our TRUST method comparison paper is published at Nature Biotechnology


Oct, 2018: Welcome our two new computational postdocs: Daria Beshnova and Hongyi Zhang!

May 2018: Welcome our new lab manager, Dr. Jianfeng Ye!

Mar 27th, 2018: Congratulations! Our Circle of Friends for Cancer Center grant proposal is funded!

Dec 22nd, 2017: Welcome Dr. Jiahui Chen to join our lab!